Asset Management

"Patience, Discipline and a Fundamentally Sound, Logical Approach to Investing"

At Spectrum, we maintain a long-term view, always thinking and investing three to five years out and ignoring short-term noise. We refuse to join the modern "fast money" crowd of "market-timers," "high-frequency traders," and "chart technicians." Instead, we strive to make sound investment choices based on fundamental principles that could provide attractive investment returns over the long run.

We do use the latest technology in researching and making investments. Our philosophy is in line with the classic approach of respected long-term investors such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet.

We rely on fundamental analysis—thoroughly studying individual businesses in order to uncover competitive advantages that the market may have overlooked. We tend to invest in what we know and understand best, and we are not afraid to miss out on the latest high-flyers if the risks cannot be confidently determined.

We do not chase performance—the fact that an investment did well last year does not necessarily mean it will do well this year. We seek long-term risk-adjusted outperformance of the overall markets. In doing so, we rely on patience, discipline and a fundamentally sound, logical approach to investing.

Customized Portfolios

While we fully customize client portfolios and communicate our plans through an investment policy statement, we primarily manage nine models in a separately managed account format. Together, these models cover the full risk spectrum while encompassing domestic and international investment.

Spectrum serves clients of diverse wealth. Our Enhanced Index Strategy has a minimum investment requirement of $20,000, and primarily consists of ETFs invested in broad asset classes. Our Investment Management Services Strategy generally requires an investment minimum of $200,000 and includes a combination of individual stocks and bonds, institutional class or open-end mutual funds and ETFs representing a variety of asset classes.

We manage more than $230 million of client assets, with Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services serving as our recommended custodian. Beyond the security and peace of mind of having your assets in the custody of one of the largest financial firms in the country, our custody arrangement with Fidelity provides a number of other benefits to our clients, including:

• best execution of trading services
• online account portals
• mobile apps
• check writing
• online bill pay
• debit cards
• margin accounts

Our status as an institutional investor often allows us to avoid minimum trade sizes and to provide clients with institutional share classes—which typically have far lower expenses than retail share classes.

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